My First Spill…..

Honestly I have no clue where to start…..
This haven’t even been my idea.

Apparently putting my thoughts in writing somehwere should be therauputic. Yeah right. I don’t really belive in all that psycho mumbo jumbo. All I know is that I have tons of loud voices in my head and I’m not sure how to het them to agree on anything.

Friend of my suggested some time ago that I should start a journal. A notebook of my daily thoughts.
That spending 5min at the end of each day will help me organize my thoughts, put them in order and in right place.
I’m more of a keybord rather than pen user – so I thought – what the hell – I’ll start a BLOG.

I’ve read lots of books on how to improve myself, how to control my thughts, how not get overhelmed by emotions, how to, how to…………how to.
Don’t get me wrong, most of them – and I will share the links some day – are very smart and goos books, and they did help me a lot.
I used to be a one BIG mess of thoughts and emotions. with milion ideas coming and going every minute. Now – hmmmm. I sort of have it under control. – I guesss. I don’t know. Like everyone I think I have better and worse days.

So for today I’m just going to post this messy first post.

As you can see I’m not a writer 🙂

It is more of type what you think staff …….

But it will be interresting to see how all of this and me evolves with thime.

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