Stuck in the Room.

So I’ve been stuck in this hotel room for over a week now.
Right before this there was another hotel room for a week.
And It slowly starts getting to me I think. I’m an outside person and not beeing allowed to go out it’s driving me nuts.
On top of that I should be doing some work. You know all this remote work and so on…… but it is just not happening.
I find it so difficult. I think it’s because of the room. I have only bed and a small desk. Which makes my options to spend time are either on the bed or in an uncomfortable chair in front of mini desk. None of this places screems – work enviroment which makes it even more difficult to switch from “relax” to “work” mode.
Not beeing able to switch delays all the work I should be doing. (It’s really not that much – I plannned in advance for this three weeks plus with COVID – there is just not much work).
The worst thing is that this puts me in this constant limbo hanging beetwen work and relaxation and in the end non of it is done.
I think from tomorrow I mught just spend half a day watchin Big Bang Theory or readign “Dark Tower” until I’m in better mood. In the end its the weekend.

I wonder how the world outisde looks like 🙂 and I miss my motorcycle. Few more days…. few more days.
Now the streets are super empty so ridding will be extra pleasurable.

I’ll better go. Till the next time…….
Maybe I cover some serious topic. Will see.

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