I actually miss people

It is weird. I never thought I will say that but I do miss people.
It has been now 20 days since I’m stuck in hotel rooms for differet types of quarantines. It feels like such a huge waste of time. But it did make me realize that I do miss interacting with people.
Working for past 15 years in hospitality I interact with people a lot. Especially last few years while working in the large resort, large banquets, restaurants catering for over 500 people a day – before COVID of course – at the end of each day and especially on days off I stayed away from people. Preffered quiet evening over night’s out.
Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoyed working with people, even that sometimes all you want is to strangle them because of their petty complaints and trivial problems ๐Ÿ™ˆ. But hey. That’s what hospitality is about. Making people libes slightly better.

Any way. coming back to the realization – yes – I do miss people a lot. in the past 20 days i spoke to friends and my girlfriend over the phone, video chat and messages. it’s all good and definately WAY much better than it must had been 30 years ago. But It’s not the same.

It is hard to pi point exactly what I miss about interacting with people, i think it’s just general presence of other humans around. When there is no one nearby, no one tot talk to, no one to spemd time with, exchange ideas and help me put my paranoia in check (when let loose it goes off the rails and I start inventing things :)) It gets weird.

For example this morning – While taking shower I came up with a plan how to move to another country, look for a new job, started counting if I have enough savings etc, etc … and all because there was a fuck up at work. Fuck up with something I wasn’t even employed to do but it is directly related to what I have to manage. So I already invented that my boss will blame this on me (he is a project leader and was responsible for it), I’l get fired and because I live on the tiny tiny island where everyone knows each other I’ll have to move because I won’t find another good job – and I have expenses ๐Ÿ™‚

Bottom line…………… You need other people to consult your crazy ideas with. Other wise they will drive you off the rails. simple.

And no. Facebook, WhatsUp, and talking to people on line doesn’t cut it for me.

Sharing emotions must be in person – especially when having paranoid thoughts ;๐Ÿ˜‰