Getting my work priorities right….

My wife got angry with me yesterday………. Like really angry. For something which I’ve never considered wrong or inappropriate. Now when I think about it I was wrong all a long, and it actually brought a work realisation a long the way.

Let me explain.

In all my previous jobs my main task was solving small issues. Constantly – and I mean constantly. Up to 30-40 issues a day. People would come to me or phone me with a problem and I would provide a solution. If not right there and then, within next 24hrs everything was sorted.
I had occasional bigger projects but those happened on occasion and rarely had proper time frame, and my on the spot problem solving never really interfered with long term outcome of bigger projects.

Until I changed jobs.

Now I’m in charge of two huge projects and I need to admit I’m struggling.
I was trying to figure it out for quite few weeks now why I constantly keep running out of time, my tasks and to do list keeps constantly growing and rarely shrinking to les than 15 items. I simply wasn’t able to keep up.

And than it hit me – actually my wife did 🙂

We were out having ice cream. My job kept calling 3 time within one ice cream eating time resulting in my ice cream melting. I kept apologising to my wife each time I answered but on the third time and half of the ice cream melted later she snapped:

“Why you just won’t tell them: “If it’s not important I’ll deal with it later!!!!!” and there it was…….
Bright like a sun!!!! This is my issue.

After we finished arguing we spoke and analysed way I work.
It seems that every time something new comes up I automatically put it on top of the list for solving it right away. Exactly the same as I was doing it in the past 4 years – Wrong.

New job is different – every task is almost like a small project and need to be treated as such. Often needing analysis, delegating and multiple tasks along the way before completion.

I didn’t adapt properly to the new environment and work requirements resulting in near failure and lots and lots of unnecessary stress.

Worse thing is that I just couldn’t see it until my ice cream melted and my wife pointed it out to me.

Bottom line – it’s good to have second opinion. Even if it seems that opinion is completely irrelevant to your job, your views and your experiance.
You can still consider it and look for something to adapt to your current situation.

So from now on we have a new rule, me and wife that is.

when I answer work call when at home or during private time she will ask me later – was this important? what was it about?

I will not get frustrated and instead I will summarise the call to which she will give me her view and opinion if in her eyes this was important enough to spend 10-20 min on a call. or it could have been postponed for later.
I’m hoping that having her opinion on those things will help me re-organize my priorities.

Consider this – 20 min it’s a lot of time If I do something similar like above mentioned call 10 times a day I’m loosing 2hrs of productive time during the day. this way instead of working 10hrs I am working 12hrs.

That is huge difference.

Any way.

Let’s stop this here.

I’ll try to put it in motion and will see what happens……….

Getting lost in workload – again……

For some reason since I came back home I have not had time to write even a single word for the blog.

It’s not like I didn’t had any ideas. Just never found time. Or in better words – never made time.

I got lost in work so much that again I was very close to turning my life upside down. All because I don’t know how to put brakes on myself. To stop and leave things for later.

When I came back from all those uselessq uarantines I was so behind with work that I ended up doing 80hr weeks for 3 weeks in a row as a effect, and not that anybody forced me to. It was all my own choosing. Effects? yes I caught up at work but nearly lost my girlfriend in the process -AGAIN -however I need to admit that she was more undarstanfing this time than before.

And I cannot blame her. We didn’t see each other for near 8 weeks and what I do when I’m back. I dissapear again – this time for work. Which is even worse as I’m often stressed and agitated and not easy to talk to.

So from this week I made a hard choice. I need to work on managing my work time better:

  • Day off is a must – and it must be undisturbed,
  • Need to find people to whom I can delegate more, so I don’t have to do everything myself
  • Find a way to relax during work. some quick stress relief will be amazing.
  • Organize work topics much better – reviews at the end of day
  • Time management !!!!!!!!!
  • Try to talk to people and make friends at work – this should help.

WIll see how this is works out. I have not reached boiling point at work yet but I have a feeling it’s approaching fast.

And said that it’s time for me to go to work 🙂 ………

Finally Home…

It so good to be back home. After 24 days on quarantine in 3 different hotels I finally was allowed to go home.
I was away for nearly 2 months, 8 weeks exactly.
And it felt weird to walk in back to the apartment. Like walking into someone elses apartment.
It took nearly a full day to relax a bit. My girlfriend still feels a bit off. Like she has to get use to my presence again.

But it was incredibly good to sleep in my own bed again. in the past 8 weeks I slept in 4 different beds and none can compare to my own :). Maybe it’s the whole package. Bed, room, noises around. It all felt very familiar and soothing.

Today I went out to check on my car and I couldn’t believe it.
Just look at this so durty. Looked like it was abandoned for years 🙂 They had here quite few dirty rains bringing all the dust from Sahara desert.
I got it washed briefly but there is dust everywhere…. Good I don’t pay much attention to it. As long as it drives its good and fulfils it’s purpose 🙂
All fluids were good and even tires held the preasure. Pleasently surprised. Not bad for a car which costed me less than the laptop I writing this blog on 😀

After the Car it was time for the motorcycle. That was a real pleasure 🙂

It was parked under covers so It looked much better. Only some dust and dirt here and there but in generall nothing major.
I took it for a spin – It didn’t wan’t to start on me on the beginning.
Old carborated engine needed a little bit of encouregment. But it fired up in less than five tries.

It was really good to be back on the road. Even for 20minutes only.

I’ll better finish the day. Tomorrow first time at work since beginning of March. It might be a weird one. Will see how that goes ..

Will need to come with some good plan for whole week other wise I’ll get lost.

Till the next one. ……