I’m so lost I don’t care for any of this

It’s been horrible 3 weekss. I did spend most of my days at work. About 14hours a day. When I honestly don’t even care for this job.

This is really crazy that we have to do this. Having not much savings I cannot really afford to requalify myself so I’m stuck in this job which I don’t enjoy anymore. Worst is that I’m out of ideas how to deal with this and getting more and more frustrated each day at work.

Work ethics in Malta are non existent and It feels like I’m gonna work either until I quit or until I drop sick from exhaustion. That’s not right. I really need to find a way how to deal with that.

From next week I’m reducing my work hours. I have to otherwise I’m not gonna manage my life anymore. I’m behind with private projects to the extreme. I haven’t been riding my bike at all. No YouTube creations. Nothing.

Maybe I should learn basic animation and story telling 🤔 that could be fun.

I got lost in work again

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.

I had such a good plans to keep my sanity and private life in order didn’t work out really.

Now with pre-opening of my latest project I barely sleep, don’t see my girlfriend at all. And motorcycle was abandoned long time ago.

Will see how it goes. If I won’t manage to sort myself out with this project by end of next week – reevaluation of priorities will be a must.