Do I really need a purpose in life?????

So I got think today. Do I really need a purpose in life???

I mean what that really mean. Do I need this for my daily existance?? Will I be less of a human without a purpose??

I can still go through every day without one. So far I managed 37 years of my life without beeing passionate about anything. Without any clear purpose in life. And I think I am pretty happy. I guess.

What does i really mean – purpose. I do not serve any greater higher power. So as long as I’m happy with myself I’m ok right?

I don’t need anyones approval that I am happy.

I am happy….. I think……

I go through my life day by day…… I wake up, I asses my previous day and I try for this day to be better than yesterday. Not for anybody else, not for society. I do it for me and for me only.

I know it sounds selfish but who gives a rat’s ass. I do live my own life and I do everything to make myself happy. Isn’t that the main goal of our lives. To be and to be happy – whatever makes us happy??

But if I had to have a purpose ?? What would it be…………….

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