Finaly got a new Bike :D

It finally happened. I got a new bike :D. It has been couple of months since I sold my Suzuki GS500 and even that it is winter and not the best riding weather the I missed riding a lot.  

Exactly why I sold the Suzuki I’ll share soon in separate review post. 

But let’s get to it. My new bike is…..

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan (EURO 5) 

Initially I couldn’t decide on exactly which bike I want. And I know I wanted somethign different at first.

In the end I started looking on the bikes from Light/Mid range of Adventure bikes and choice was tough. Between the established brands of Kawasaki and BMW there was a new one of VOGE. Initially I wasn’t even considering the Royal Enfield. Not sure why… I think mainly as I never came across one in real life. Wasn’t even aware that they have something in the Adventure bike category. I actually went to see the Benelli bikes and as it turned out same dealer was selling Royal Enfield bikes too. And there it was. Rock Red 2021 Himalayan EURO 5. I immediately loved how it looked, and when I got on it, it just felt right. It felt like my bike. And the price was amazing. Only 6,000.00 euro for almost fully equipped bike. Navigation display, center stand, bash plate, bag holders. 3 years or 30,000 km warranty. It sounded almost perfect.  

Trying not to rush things and avoiding impulse buying I left the dealer to do some research. I compared it with BMW GS310, Kawasaki Versys 300 and Honda 500X. 

All the bikes had pluses and minuses. I actually test rode the Honda and BMW and don’t get me wrong. They felt like good bikes actually with more power and more modern looks they just didn’t feel like “my” bikes. Somehow I preferred the “tractor” like engine and the old looks. 

Online reviews were mixed with some build quality issues, relay problems and occasional suspension getting stuck. But number of positive reviews was astonishing. People just love this bike. Not only in India but it already has cult following in Europe with owner clubs and groups popping in everywhere. 

So I did went and bought it. It’s been only couple of weeks and 300km so far and the bike feels amazing. No major issues (apart of occasional stalling during first 100km) and I am extremely happy with my choice. 

For now You can see couple of my videos on the bike below. I will try to post full review soon. 

See You all next time 🙂

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